Broken Key Extraction, Columbus, OH

When your old or damaged key breaks in a lock, call us.

It’s incredibly frustrating to try to turn a particularly old, rusted, or damaged lock only to have your key break in it. However, if your key or lock is incredibly worn down or the victim of excessive force, you may find yourself dealing with a broken key. If you have a key break on you, don’t panic. We here at 844 Ohio Key are happy to help you out with our broken key extraction service.

Broken Key Extraction in Columbus, Ohio

When it comes to broken keys, trying your hardest to yank and pull at the key to free it from the lock isn’t going to get you far. It takes specialized tools and training for a successful broken key extraction, and without years of locksmithing training and experience combined with high quality and reliable tools needed to remove the key, you likely won’t be able to remove the key on your own.

Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours searching for key extraction techniques on the internet. When you need a broken key removed from a lock, simply give us a call. Our locksmithing services in the Columbus, Ohio area are second to none, and we perform a wide range of jobs to help you overcome broken or missing keys, as well as increase your security by making sure all of your keys and locks are in good working condition.

When you need a broken key extraction, we’ll get to you as quickly as possible. We even offer after-hours services for key emergencies that happen outside of normal business hours. We know that dealing with broken keys can make life much more difficult and leave you feeling less secure about your space or property, so if your key has broken on you, give us a call today.