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We’re your business’ trusted locksmiths.

Having a trusted commercial locksmith on your side is something you need as a business owner. At 844 Ohio Key, our commercial locksmiths serve the Columbus, Ohio area, and we’re eager to earn your business.

Commercial Locksmith in Columbus, Ohio

What services do our commercial locksmiths offer? Generally speaking, if it has a lock and a key, we can help with it! More specifically, our commercial locksmith services include the following:

  • We can make file cabinet keys and change existing locks in file cabinets to ensure you can protect your files and documents.
  • We can rekey your entire building, so you can better control who has access. During this process, we can add subkeys to each door or a group of doors if needed.
  • We can install push bars and exit paddles for emergency and easy exit.
  • We offer service for interior, office, and main door lockouts.
  • We do general lock installations, lock changes, and lock repairs.
  • We can install commercial-grade keypads. You can either buy the keypad, or we can provide the keypad when we do the installation.
  • If a key gets stuck or broken in one of your building’s doors, we can take care of the problem.

Keep in mind that this is just a short list of all the things our commercial locksmiths can do. Thanks to our 10+ years of experience, we have extensive expertise, and we’re ready and waiting to provide your business with excellent service. Contact us today!


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