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Our team offers quick and efficient lockout services when you need them most.

It might be annoying and even distressing to find yourself locked out of your home, vehicle, or even your office, but the important thing to keep in mind is that you have a reliable team to call on in the Columbus, Ohio area. Our team at 844 Ohio Key has over 10 years of experience in the industry and offers lockout services that help you gain access to your home, mailbox, safe, and more.

Lockout Services in Columbus, Ohio

One of the most common reasons our customers require lockout services is due to broken keys jammed in locks. Whether the broken key is in your home or automobile, trying to pry it out on your own frequently makes things worse, possibly damaging the lock mechanism or shifting the key’s position. Instead, contact our team, as we have the know-how, equipment, and methods required to remove the broken key quickly, safely, and without inflicting any more harm.

Additionally, while a mailbox lockout might not appear as urgent as other lockout situations, it’s still crucial. You wouldn’t want private information or important letters to end up in the wrong hands. Our team can help you get into your mailbox quickly, giving you peace of mind. Plus, we can offer advice on how to upgrade the lock on your mailbox to improve security and stop lockouts or unwanted access in the future.

We’re also the team to call when you need lockout service for your safe. Attempting to force open a safe may cause irreversible damage, but our team has the know-how and equipment to work on even the most complex safe mechanisms, giving you access in no time at all.

Ultimately, while lockouts are frustrating, knowing you have an experienced team on your side helps you gain access quickly so that you can get back to the rest of your day. Contact our team to learn more about our lockout services.